Like many young girls, as a child I dreamt of living in a beautiful house surrounded in the countryside with my very own herd of ponies outside my front door. My dream became closer to a reality when, at the age of 11, I begged my mother to buy me an unbroken 3 - year-old pony from the famous New Forest Beaulieu Road sales.

It took me a whole year after this to save up to buy my first saddle for my pony. This became a milestone moment in my life and thus began my passion for leather saddles and all things equestrian – from the iconic simplicity of the snaffle bit to complexity of the bridle. To me, equestrian leatherwork has always represented the very best in craftsmanship and style.

I am now fortunate enough to be living the life that I once yearned for as a young girl. One day, in 2015 whilst admiring my old saddles all the emotions that I had when I bought my very first saddle came back to me. In that moment I knew that I had to immortalise the saddle. I had a vision for a completely unique innovation and the Pippa Saddlebag was designed, the very first ever handbag to be made entirely from a saddle.

DSC_3808 (1).JPG
Pippa with her muse, Blue.

Pippa with her muse, Blue.


I want to share my creations with fellow horse lovers and trendsetters alike. Each Pippa Saddlebag is unique and created entirely from vintage leather saddles, bridles, horse bits, and stirrup leathers. No two Pippa Saddlebags are the same. You will receive your own iconic piece of history that is as individual as the horse it was originally made for.

Love Pippa x